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July 12, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

Different Types of Handbags and How to Carry Them: 

Look inside your closet and you will probably find so many handbags in there. Most of us buy handbags because we like them. We usually don’t have idea how to carry each type of handbag. A handbag is commonly known as purse, is an accessoryin which women carry everyday personal items. They come in different shapes and sizes, and each one has its own benefits and use. So, it is important to know the types of handbags and how to carry them. Let’s get started!

Although there are almost hundred types of handbags, but most common ones are below:


Clutch is most probably the cutest and sophisticated handbag. It looks so elegant and classy that it makes a simple dress look great. It is smaller in size and has a chain strap or small strap.Clutches are usually worn with formal wear. You can wear them at birthdays, wedding ceremonies and other special occasion. This handbag should always be in your closet.


A backpack is a must-have because you never know when you need it. It comprises of two straps so you can carry it on your shoulders, it also has a strand at the upper part so you can carry it in your hands as well making it a handbag. It is quite big so you can keep anything you want in it. The backpack is good for work environment or for hiking and other trips.

3-Shoulder Bag

This type of bag is loved by every woman as they are everyday bags. They come in multiple shapes and sizes and you can literally keep anything in them. We can carry these handbags literally everywhere.

4-Crossbody Bag

These handbags are so much in fashion this year and every celebrity is loving them. Kylie Jenner is a big fan of them. These handbags thrown across body anddon’t require hand carrying henceyour hands will be free. You can eat your favorite food,or you can use your phone freely.


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