Our Story

Ugonna Joshua, grew up in Nigeria West Africa in a single parent household having lost her father at the age of six. She is the fifth of eight children. Needless to say, life was hard and tough in a single parent household of eight children in a developing economy.

Ugonna Joshua always had a flare for fashion and styling. Hence, the world of fashion became her mental escape from the hardship around her. At the age of eleven, she started helping out at neighbors fashion and tailoring stores to satisfy her growing curiosity and appetite for fashion. As early as the age of eight she began conjuring fashion ideas. Started drawing and creating unique authentic designs and accessories.

Notwithstanding her family hardships, she never stopped dreaming and aiming high. She went on to obtain a bachelors degree in Civil Law and a Barrister at Law Certificate from the Nigerian Law School.

Ugonna is a suffered various forms of abuse growing up and went through a painful divorce which destroyed her self worth. She found herself thrown into deep depression that led to suicidal ideations.

She found the courage to get back up. Amidst her personal struggles, she never stopped dreaming for a better life and future for herself and her family. She made a conscious decision to get back on her feet after series of set backs. Put herself through graduate school and obtained an MBA from Dowling College in New York. Afterwards, she went back to Atlanta John Marshall Law School and obtained an LLM degree in Employment Law.

However, one thing that has consistently tugged at her heartstrings is her life long desire and dream to create a fashion brand that women will love and afford. As a stylish person, who also happens to be on a tight budget, Ugonna found it difficult to find luxurious and elegant purses that met an affordable price point for her. After some research she discovered there are not a lot of affordable luxury brands out there that are uniquely and elegantly designed . Hence, the idea to create her own brand that will merge luxury and affordability. A brand that represents her strength and resilience.

Ugo Joshua brand is a combination of her trials and triumphs. It is more than just a bag or a piece of fashion accessory. It is a story, a journey and a destiny. It is a brand that represents resurrection, renewal, revival, re-invention, re-birth, re-enforcement and re-empowerment for every fallen and broken woman. Ugonna wants every woman who has been through domestic violence, abuse of any kind, any woman who has gone through a period of pain, loneliness and hopelessness and mental heath issues to know that it is possible to rise from the dust, get back up and power through just like an Eagle.

A part of the brand’s mission is to support The Voice of Destiny Foundation, a non-profit Organization formed by Ugonna Joshua which focuses on empowering women and youths to rebuild their lives and maximize their potentials.

As a domestic violence and child abuse survivor, she knows first hand the plight of domestic violence and abuse victims. Through the non-profit, she hosts annual conferences with a mission to inspire women to overcome the odds that are stacked high against them and get back on their feet and live their most authentic lives. A percentage of sales from Ugo Joshua Collections will go to support this mission.